I'm Zaman.

I'm a travel photographer based in Texas and I'm all about capturing those special moments from my adventures. From epic hikes to cozy city stalls, I love to share the beauty I see on my travels. Landscapes and streets are my favorites to shoot, but I'm always up for others like portraits, events, and even real estate. Follow along as I explore the world and capture it one frame at a time.

From grass-roots


My photography journey started with a simple point-and-shoot camera given to me as a birthday gift. At first, I wasn't too interested in photography, but as I started taking photos on my travels using my phone, my perspective changed. I began to pay more attention to composition and the stories I wanted to tell through my images. I share some of these photos with friends, and it was their encouragement that led me to try out a DSLP. Fast forward to now, several cameras and lenses later, and here I am. It's been quite a ride, and I'm excited for what's to come.